Monday, August 4, 2014

Open That Jar

I remember when I opened my call- the happiness I felt. That evening when we were sitting around talking, I expressed how content I felt. Mom told me to figuratively bottle up some of that joy and open that jar when times were hard. I didn’t really understand at the time. I said something along the lines of "I know it will be hard but I'm going to love my mission." Time and time again I have had to open my jar.

In so many ways the mission is a metaphor of life. In the book of Job it says we shouted for joy when we knew the plan of God would go forth and we would have the opportunity to come to earth. God had warned us of the risks, pain, heartache that were awaiting us. However, we chose to follow him and accept his plan because the opportunity outweighed the risk. Now that we are here in our mortal state, we often feels overwhelmed and heavy laden. Our perhaps it is underwhelmed and without meaning and purpose. Regardless, one has to be patient, look for daily meaning, and continually learning to love. 

I don't regret one bit my decision to serve a mission. It has been such an adventure to be on this little island; to talk to anyone and everyone about their relationship with God; to buy fresh fruit of the streets everyday; to sweat from every pore; to strengthen my faith; to be bold and to be brave; to find my way around the country, crammed into buses and taxis; to shout "saludos" in thousands of doors; to anxiously read your emails every Monday; to walk until there were holes in my shoes; to learn to trust in my God. 

I will never forget the past 18 months or the people I have met. Thank you for the support you have given me- financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I am so excited to see you all next Tuesday. I don't think I will let you out of my sight. (I am going to make a bed on mom and dad's floor next to Owen's). 

"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. you are what you take from these. you are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single second of every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colors fill your mind."                               - Jac Vanek

"Blood, toil, tears, and sweat. The best things are always worth finishing; as long and laborious as the effort may seem. Please keep shaping and setting the stones that will make your accomplishment a grand and imposing spectacle. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. Dream dreams and see visions. Work towards their realization. Wait patiently when you have no other choice. Lean on your sword and rest a while, but get up and fight again. Perhaps you will not see the full meaning of your effort in your lifetime. But your children will, or your children's children will." 
                                                             - Jeffrey R Holland

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