Monday, May 26, 2014

Cancino & Hermana Gingell


My new companion is Hermana Gingell. She is 19 and from Myton, Utah. You are probably asking yourself where the heck is Myton, Utah??? Yes, that was precisely my question. It is between Duchesne and Roosevelt. She is so darling. She makes me laugh, is so kind and thoughtful, and she chases away the dogs for me. It has been interesting being back in the training program. As I´ve watched her go through the transition into the mission field, I remember what it feels like. It is such a distinct feeling. It feels confusing and overwhelming - like an out-of-body experience. It feels like all of these things are happening but you are not really there. Learning the language is incredibly frustrating and people often laugh when you don’t speak well or don’t understand. It’s physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting - come 8 p.m. you can barely keep your eyes open. But she is doing very well and fighting through all the challenges. 

We made it through our first week here in Cancino. I have now had four areas and have whitewashed four times! This time has definitely been the most challenging because my companion obviously can’t help me too much. It has stretched me sooo much and forced me to work hard, manage my time better, and plan more effectively. 

We are in a great area. I think we are really going to like it here. We have made a to-do list of things we are going to do while we are companions. It’s important to try and make it fun and take advantage of the time we have on this beautiful island. 

I was reading about when Christ told his apostles to leave their nets behind and follow him. In Luke´s version he says, “launch out into the deep, and let down your nets.” I definitely think this metaphor applies to the mission. The mission requires you to leave behind what you were doing before: “launch out into the deep - even if it is scary and uncomfortable. At times we find ourselves reminiscing on the past or even longing and glorifying the past. It is so important to live in the present and always be moving forward. We must travel into the unknown, be bold, make good sacrifices, leave behind bad habits, and develop the attributes of Christ. I like what Elder Holland said in Remember Lot´s Wife, ¨It is possible that Lot´s wife looked back with resentment toward the Lord for what he was asking her to leave behind. So it isn't just that she looked back- she looked back longingly. In short, her attachment to the past outweighed her confidence in the future.¨

It sounds like i am missing out on some quality yard work haha. My companion said the movie Divergent was super awesome. It’s weird to me that she saw the same movie you went to see. It shows how little time she has in the field. She is super cute. I am teaching her how to cook, shop, and manage her money. We are growing together. 

Have a good week! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“We make our own destiny... We can satisfy ourselves with mediocrity. We can be common, ordinary, dull colorless, or we can so channel our lives to be clean, vibrant, progressive, colorful, and rich.”
                               - Spencer W Kimball

“To achieve sustainable innovation you need to seek persistent disequilibrium. To seek persistent disequilibrium means that one must chase after disruption without succumbing to it, or retreating from it. A company, institution or individual must remain perched in an almost falling state. In this precarious position it is inclined to fall, but continually catches itself and never quite topples. Nor does it anchor itself so that it cannot tip. It sort of skips along within reach of disaster, but uses the power of falling to propel itself forward with grace.”
                                   - Kevin Kelly 

Monday, May 19, 2014


How is my lovely family?
We had a good hot week here. On Saturday I looked at our phone and noticed two missed calls from President. I thought that’s strange. In that very moment he called again and told me that I am going to be training in Heinamosa in this next transfer. I am so excited!!!!! 
The transition from the MTC to the field is a tough one. It’s like sprinting and colliding with a brick wall. I'd love to hear your ideas to help me be a good trainer. 

I am definitely going to miss the sassy Hermana Mack. She is nuts. Also, I am going to miss Gazcue. The ward is so incredible and the area is beautiful. It is so fun to be in the same area as the mission office- so much energy and there is always something going on. But, I am excited for this new adventure! Guess who is going to be Hermana Mack's new companion and take my place here in Gazcue.... Hermana Thomas!!!!  Hermana Thomas and Mack together = trouble. 

I told you last week that Hermana Mack had Dengue but turns out she actually has Chinkungunya fever. There has been a big outbreak of it. Fortunately, she is feeling a lot better. 

I just finished reading Jesus the Christ. I absolutely loved it. It is a very long and insightful but some points that I really liked are: 

  • His realization that he was the chosen and foreordained messiah came to him gradually. 
  • His advancement was from one grace to another; from good to greater good. He was in a different lever, but he progressed as we progress. 
  • He experienced the full range of human emotions. Sometimes I have imagined him to have responded like a robot but he too felt loneliness, pain, friendship, happiness, relief, hunger, illness, abandonment, anger and contentment. 
  • His service and sacrifice was completely voluntary. God never obligated him and he had the option to back out. He chose to continue, persevere, and stick to what he chose to do. 

I loved reading this book because I feel like it gave me a new perspective of the man who died for us, the things he had to go through, and the courage he had. 

My feet got fried today at our P-day activity! I didn’t put on sunscreen and the white part hasn’t seen the sun for many moons.

Note Meg's Tan Line on her Feet

I love your emails and love you all so much. Have an excellent week. I’ll fill you in next Monday on the details about my new area and companion. 


Meg's Opinion of the Laker's

"Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is... you find out the strength of the wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down."
                                             - C.S Lewis

"Some believe there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, against the misery, against ignorance or injustice and violence. Yet many of the world's great movements, of thought and action, have flowed from the work of a single man. A young monk began the Protestant reformation, a young general extended an empire from Macedonia to the borders of the earth, and a young woman reclaimed the territory of France. It was a young Italian explorer who discovered the new world, and so can we all."
               - Robert F Kennedy

Notice the elder's arm on my shoulder. I felt it and said: "that better be an hermana."

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

It was so incredibly wonderful to talk to you all yesterday. It felt so natural and like nothing has changed. I have to admit, it was so hard to end the call. I always miss you and always think about you all; but I've gotten used to missing you. It really gave me so much strength to talk to you. I want to work hard and finish strong. I really like what mom said in her letter: I don´t want to wish it away because it will be over before you know it and this is precious and sacred time which you will never have back again; so finish strong. 

I was finally able to print off and read your letters from last week describing your trip to the Philippines. I love how much Meisha loved her mission and how much the people loved her. Your descriptions of her reunions with members, investigators, and companions make me reflect on my own relationships with the people. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities I have to meet people such neat people and to truly love them. 

This past week, we shared with an investigator the talk by President Uchtdorf, Forget Me Not. One point that I liked is that we shouldn't forget to enjoy the little things in life and be happy now. He talks about Charlie and the Chocolate factory and how we put off our happiness until we find our ¨golden ticket¨, to be happy. ¨The happiest people are not those who find their golden ticket; they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals discover and reassure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments. They are the ones who, thread by daily thread, weave a tapestry of gratitude and wonder throughout their lives. These are they who are truly happy." So often in our lives we think we will feel happy when we get a certain job, finish school, are less busy, etc. We create this list of things that have to be reached, and then after we'll feel happy. It is an art to be able to see the beauty and joy in the little things of life - even though there are always problems. 

The woman we shared this with told us a story of when she was a child. She would hide all the gifts she would receive in a secret spot. If she received a doll or a piece of candy she would put it away in this secret place. Then there was a civil war in 1955 and her family had to leave their house for a short time. When they returned she ran to her secret spot to find everything she had hidden stolen. She said after that she stopped hiding her gifts and started enjoying them. 

We are going to the doctors’ tomorrow to confirm (but I’m 95% sure) that my companion has dengue fever. She has a high fever and can barely walk her body hurts so bad. As a result, we have been stuck in the house. I have had lots and lots of reading time. I finished the conference ensign you sent me (thank you for sending it!). Here are my top ten ideas or statements from conference

  •          Sometimes we mistakenly may believe that happiness is the absence of a load. But bearing a load is a necessary and essential part of the plan of happiness. Because our individual load needs to generate spiritual traction, we should be careful to not haul around in our lives so many nice but unnecessary things that we are distracted and diverted from the things that truly matter most. 
  •          Not only does the atonement of Jesus Christ overcome the effects of the fall of Adam and make possible the remission of our individual sins and transgressions, but his atonement also enables us to do good and become better in ways that stretch far beyond our mortal capacities... I wonder if we fail to fully acknowledge this strengthening aspect of the atonement in our lives and mistakenly believe that we must carry our load alone- through sheer grit, willpower and discipline and with our obviously limited capacities. 
  •          Let us be compassionate and encouraging. We must be careful that we do not destroy another person's confidence through careless words or actions. 
  •          Perhaps focusing on what we are grateful for is the wrong approach. It is difficult to develop a spirit of gratitude if our thankfulness is only proportional to the number of blessings we count. I don’t believe the Lord expects us to be less thankful in times of trial than in times of abundance and ease. Most of the scriptural references do not speak of gratitude for things but rather suggest an overall spirit or attitude of gratitude. 
  •          Truth is truth! It is not divisible, and any part of it cannot be set aside. Whether truth emerges from a scientific lab or through revelation, all truth emanates from God. 
  •          The priesthood is the power of God delegated to man; the consummate power on this earth by which it was created. We are accustomed to thinking that all the keys of the Priesthood were conferred to Joseph Smith in Kirtland temple, but... there are other priesthood keys that have not been given to man on the earth, including the keys of creation and resurrection. 
  •          What we insistently desire, overtime, is what we eventually become and what we will receive in the eternity. If you are not proactive in education your desires, the world will do it for you. 
  •          As you pray for forgiveness, you will find yourself forgiving others. As you thank god for his kindness, you will think of others by name who need your kindness. Again, that experience will surprise you every day and over time it will change you. 
  •          The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the apostles and prophets concerning Jesus Christ, that he died, was buried, and rose again on the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages of it. 

Happy Mother’s day yesterday! And happy birthday tomorrow mom! You are an amazing, inspiring, loving mother and i am so grateful for you. !Come mucho pastel! I am stoked that Spence's new comp is Dominican. Can't wait to hear where he's from. 

We have an investigator who contacted us a while back in the park. We were teaching someone else and he sat down and asked where the church was. We told him and he actually ended up going. We took down his info. The first time we went we were on the phone with him- lost and asking for directions. He said just look for the Dora the explorer; He had placed a giant stuffed Dora over his balcony. He is such a character- has a big Afro, loves to laugh and talks with so much slang that I barely understand him. He reminded us that we had passed him one time before when he was playing basketball and he shouted at us, "When are you going to preach to me?" We waved but kind of ignored him. The reason he is so interested in the church is because his girlfriend is a member and lives in none other but Salt Lake City. He said that he is moving to Salt Lake in June (i told him i was moving there in August). he has only gone to church twice but is starting to progress. 

Last week on P-day we went to a modern art museum. it was super fun. 

I got the new shoes! Thank you, thank you!

We had a baptism this past Saturday - yay!! I'll give you the deets next week

"Patience is not passive resignation; nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something and doing all that we can - working, hoping, and exercising faith; bearing hardship with fortitude even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well
                                                                  - President Uchtdorf

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.
                             - Polonius from Shakespeare's hamlet

Have a great week!